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Now More Than Ever, Camp Fire Needs You! 

The very name of the organization—Camp Fire—was chosen to symbolize the idea that when people gather in a circle around a campfire, “community” is born. As more people join, the circle expands to include all. When you donate to Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma, you're helping Camp DaKaNi, Outdoor School, Camp Fire Clubs and youth from all around central Oklahoma! Click Here to Donate Today!

Camp Fire is a place for all children.  Many of our children do not have the financial resources to participate in after school activities but Camp Fire is a place they can belong.  Some are living with disabilities or challenges that make activities more difficult but here they are supported and experience things they never knew they could do.  All of our kids are seeking to discover who they are and at Camp Fire your dollars create the place to make it possible.
Camp Fire provides measurable results.  Our evaluations show that children who participate in camp or in club gain confidence, social skills, goal setting and leadership skills, improvement in relationships, and community responsibility.  Your investment in Camp Fire will yield amazing results for a child’s future.

We still need your help to reach more of America's youth! And here’s why: 

  • After Camp Fire programs, youth reported a 12% increase in their conflict resolution skills.
  • 96% of 3rd–5th grade youth try to get along with other kids, even if they are different.
  • 82% of 6th-12th grade youth say they now think through their decisions before they act on them.
  • 86% of 6th-12th grade youth try to understand other people's points of view. 


Any amount given helps Camp Fire light the fire within youth. With your continued support, we will reach out to even more young people and help them learn the skills to resolve conflict, discover their sparks, and have hope for the future. And that means hope for our society. Thanks for all you do to help Camp Fire!

Click here to donate TODAY!

Monetary donations can be designated to a particular area, such as Summer Camp Scholarships for youth, STEM Programming or facility upgrades.

Click here to view our WISH LIST!

These are items for which Camp Fire has an immediate need or are utilized year round in our After-School Clubs and at Camp.

 Mail checks to: 

Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma

3309 E. Hefner Road

Oklahoma City, OK 73131

  • Contributions can be made in honor or memory of a loved one by cash, check, credit card or stock.
  • If you have questions about making a contribution to Camp Fire please contact us. 

Tax-deductible gifts made to Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma — from individuals, groups, and companies — help us maintain our property, ensure the stability of after-school programming and summer camp, and cover operating expenses that keep the Council strong and viable.


With your help, we can earn the funds needed to continue providing quality youth development programming the children of Camp Fire.



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3309 E. Hefner Road |   OKC, OK  73131