Welcome to Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma!


Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma is a youth development organization, established as a 501 (c) (3) in 1929. We have been at the same location in Oklahoma City since 1956. We are unique in that we provide an outdoor, in the country type of experience, right in the heart of the city. Our beautiful 33 acre campground is the only facility of its kind in the metro area. We provide a variety of outdoor educational programs for boys and girls, ages 5-18. These programs encourage personal exploration by incorporating a researched based approach to youth development that ensures participants gain the skills necessary to thrive throughout their lives.

We are very aware of the changes that are required in order to meet the developmental and educational needs for the youth of our community. Every Camp Fire program employs the Thrive Theory of Change methodology, helping youth find their sparks and discover who they are. This methodology is carried out by:

  • identifying sparks, passions, skills
  • developing / adopting a growth mindset
  • reflecting on strengths and challenges
  • shifting gears when faced with obstacles

This process then changes how youth think of themselves so that they can reach their full potential.Our trained staff then nurture that discovery giving youth the tools they need to become leaders in their community, school, and their peer group. The participants are taught life lessons such as becoming and being a leader, working as a team-member, having confidence in their abilities, community service and respect for differences and the environment.

To deliver our promise, we believe -

  • in the worth of all kids and young people
  • that all youth can thrive
  • that youth need 3 champions to thrive: Their family, their school, and their community (which includes Camp Fire)
  • in a diverse and inclusive community and society - one that embraces its differences
  • that youth must have a voice in matters which directly affects them.

Our vision is to become the most visible, respected camp facility in central Oklahoma for outdoor youth activities.