Camper Expectations

Please review these rules with your camper before camp begins. Campers at Resident Camp are older and therefore held to a higher behavioral standard at camp.

  1. Respect fellow campers and staff members at all times. Bullying, teasing, and threatening will not be tolerated. 
  2. Ask permission if you need to leave the group and take a buddy. No mixed gender pairs allowed.
  3. Campers may not enter the campsite area of the opposite sex. 
  4. All campers and staff are required to wear life jackets during boating activities. Do not enter the water without permission from staff.
  5. The Ropes Course is off limits unless you have staff supervision.
  6. Radios, electronic devices, or cell phones are not allowed at camp. Camp is a “screen Free” zone. All electronic devices will be confiscated and kept in the camp office.
  7. There are times when staff may need to inspect campers' belongings.  If this occurs, parents will be notified the day it occurs and the reason for conducting the inspection.
  8. Swearing, and other inappropriate language will not be tolerated. 
  9. Should a camper take anything that does not belong to them, or brings a restricted item, the camper may be asked not to return to camp.
  10. No PDA (Personal Displays of Affection)
  11. Approach all opportunities at camp with an open mind. Camp is about trying new things and meeting new people.
  12. If there is a problem, please inform a camp staff member. We are here to support you and help you have a great time! 

Camper Dress Code

  1. Please wear closed toed shoes at camp.
  2. Do not wear T-shirts with slogans advertising alcohol, tobacco or questionable practices, or any clothing with suggestive words or designs may be worn.
  3. Jeans and shorts are to be worn at the waistline.  Shorts are to be in compliance with school dress code.  (No Short Shorts)